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Jay's Automotive - Diagnostics & Inspections


Vehicles today are run by computers which control just about everything your vehicle does. How it drives, accelerates, starts, brakes, delivers fuel to the engine, etc. This makes modern day vehicles much more economical and responsive.  At Jay's Automotive we use a state-of-the-art auto diagnostic equipment to analyze your vehicles computer and each of the engine sensors. The error codes your vehicle’s computer emits will point our technicians in the right direction and allow them to quickly and efficiently determine if your vehicle has a problem. When there is a problem, these sensors will send information about the issue to your vehicle’s onboard computer. This information from our car diagnostic service allows our technicians to identify the problems.

Jay's Automotive Eaton CO Comprehensive Diagnostics


Few things can make a driver worry more than seeing that “Check Engine” light come on. When your dashboard lights up and you have no idea why, you can trust Jay's Automotive to give you the answers you need with engine diagnostics!

Maybe you aren’t experiencing an engine problem, but you know your automobile is capable of a lot more than what you’re getting from it. We also cater to drivers of high-performance vehicles with diagnostic performance testing. You can get the most from your vehicle no matter what you drive if the engine is performing optimally, and that all begins with a thorough evaluation which includes a visual inspection and a diagnostic evaluation of your vehicle with our state-of-the-art equipment.


Vehicle Inspection is a great way to put your mind at ease when you’re buying a used car or truck, preparing for a road trip, or sending a child off to college. We’ll inspect each component and accurately describe any and all problems or maintenance issues we see, as well as provide a detailed breakdown of what repairs are needed and how much each will cost. We’ll also prioritize these in order of importance, giving you a thorough, accurate snapshot of the vehicles overall condition. Call Jay's Automotive for more information!


The primary electrical system of your vehicle consists of the battery and alternator. These two major components work together to generate voltage. Sounds simple, but there are also numerous computers, fuses, wires, and sensors that run throughout your car to power many components. By using Since many components (e.g., ignition system, stereo, lights, headlights, wipers, etc.) are dependent on the electrical system, it is critical that  experienced technicians that are well versed in electrical systems properly perform auto electrical services.

At Jay's Automotive, our expert technicians use the latest electrical diagnostic equipment to find the root cause of an electrical issue and fix the problem. Our accuracy saves you time and money from misdiagnosis and unnecessary repairs.

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